Thank you for the opportunity to submit this flight school information. As you may already know, Hillsboro Aviation is one of the oldest and most respected flight schools in the United States. Our reputation and longevity as a leader in pilot training comes from our proven track record of providing one of the highest quality and safest flight training programs in the United States.

In addition to our decades of experience, Hillsboro Aviation also has a distinct advantage over other schools as our company operates our own commercial charter service. Operating side-by-side with our flight school, our commercial service operates a fleet of 11 turbine powered helicopters and 2 multiengine turboprop airplanes which we use to provide numerous services such as executive charter, aerial firefighting, power line patrol, oil & gas exploration, television/film, search & rescue support and heavy lift construction. Our operation provides our instructor staff and students with valuable insight to actual commercial operations that is not available at most schools.

Another major advantage for Hillsboro Aviation is that Oregon is known for providing the perfect environment for training professional pilots. Because helicopters generally operate at low altitudes, training in Oregon with its diverse terrain and varied weather conditions provide the perfect backdrop for our students to gain critical knowledge and flight experience that they will need when operating a helicopter in a real world commercial environment. Northwestern United States weather provides airplane pilots with real world challenges including training and flying in instrument meteorological conditions on a regular basis.

We are very proud of the worldwide reputation our training programs have achieved over the past. We are excited about working with your organization to develop a customized program that will meet your current and future needs for professionally trained pilots.

Max Lyons

23/1 Jaya Road,
Colombo 04, Sri Lanka.
+94 11 2581529

*IR & ASR for Sri Lanka and Maldives

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